The most powerful disk space sizing and analysis utility there is! (Answering the Who/What/Where/When of your Disk Space)

With the advent of LAN based RAID Arrays in the Petabytes and home PCs shipping with hard drives that are measured in the Terabytes - it has never been more important to know not only how much space is being used, but where it is being used and what it is made up of.

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Why you need it

  1. Who - Analysis by Owner
  2. What - Analysis by File Extension and File Type
  3. Where - Powerful Tree View showing detailed information by Directory
  4. When - Analysis by File Dates&Times (Create/Modify/Access)
  5. Why - As we all know - if it is there - they will use it!


  1. Manage your disk space Pro-Actively - Not Re-Actively
  2. Manage Space on Network Attached Storage Devices
  3. Discover the Who, What, Where and When of your disk space
  4. Automate your Sizing and Analysis Tasks
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"Disk Triage has proven itself. I can't live without it on a daily basis. Thanks for making it available."
"I downloaded your program several days ago, and I can't stop using it. It is the best disk space utility I have used!"
Stafford Goodman
Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board
"The well formatted reports are great to have. I walk around the office waving them around. People take one look and offer me new disk drives. Accessible documentation of what is on the disk drives almost makes the argument for more disk space all by itself."
Coy Lay MicroMed